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The XFactorETH is a groundbreaking cryptocurrency that serves as a unique reward system for the popular TV show "X Factor," while also providing Ethereum rewards to all XFactorETH holders. This innovative ecosystem aims to transform the way rewards are distributed and create an engaging and inclusive platform for participants and viewers alike.
Total Suply 1,000,000,000,000



TAX 5/10





BUY   1% burn | 1% liquidty | 1% Marketing | 2% ETH Reflection

SELL   1% burn | 1% liquidty | 3% Marketing | 5% ETH Reflection


Copy Address


Rewarding X Factor Participants:

The XFactorETH serves as the reward system for "X Factor." Contestants, judges, and production staff can receive XFactorETH as compensation for their contributions and performances on the show. This streamlines the payment process and ensures a fair and transparent reward system.

Interactive Audience Participation:

Viewers of "X Factor" can actively engage with the show and earn XFactorETH by participating in various interactive activities such as voting for their favorite acts, predicting winners, and providing feedback. These engagement mechanisms enhance viewer participation and make the show more interactive and entertaining.

Ethereum Rewards for Token Holders:

In addition to rewarding participants and viewers, the XFactorETH ecosystem also rewards all token holders with Ethereum. Holders can passively earn Ethereum rewards based on the number of XFactorETH they possess. The more tokens held, the greater the Ethereum rewards earned, providing an additional incentive for token acquisition and long-term holding.

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